What is the treatment of pimples under the skin

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What is the treatment of pimples under the skin – ” Contents1 Topical medication pills2 grain stickers3 raw honey4 green tea5 hot pressure6 referencesTopical medicationsThere are many special medications for the treatment of acne under the skin, including the following: [1]Sulfur: It opens the pores of the skin and kills the bacteria that cause acne.Alpha hydroxy acids (English: ahas): which peel the skin.Willik’s acid (English: salicylic acid): removes dead skin cells from the skin and relieves infections, which opens the skin pores.Benzoyl peroxide: which limits the bacteria that cause young love.Cereal stickersMountains can be treated under the skin with cereal stickers, which contain elements that treat acne, such as salicylic acid, and the principle of its work depends on the removal of excess oils from the skin, reducing inflammation and the size of pimples and can be effectively and can be purchased from pharmacies or via the Internet, and put it throughout the day or night, depending on the pimples, and you often need to replace at least once every 24 hours. [1]Raw honeyRaw honey is one of the natural antibacterial materials, which treats pimples under the skin, and is used by applying a small amount to the damaged skin, l

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eaving it overnight, and a mixture of honey and water can be made and used as a lotion for the skin. [2]Green teaGrain can be eliminated under the skin by using green tea, applying a solution that contains 2% of green tea extract or soak green tea bags in a quantity of warm water, put them on pimples under the skin and leave them for several minutes; Green tea contains anti-bacterial elements, bacteria that cause young love and treat many skin diseases. [3]Hot squeezingPills can be removed under the skin, and the pain of pimples can be relieved, following the hot pressure method, applying a hot cloth to the skin for 10-15 minutes and repeating it 3-4 times a day to get rid of pus grains. [2]the reviewerWas the article useful?

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What is the treatment of pimples under the skin

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