What is the treatment of the effects of pills on the face

1 acne traces

What is the treatment of the effects of pills on the face – ” Contents1 traces of acne2 natural ways to treat the effects of acneacne marksThe effects of acne are among the problems suffered by many people, which are dead skin cells that appear on the face in the form of small spots and scars, which causes anxiety and inconvenience to the injured, so she resorted to the use of creams and chemical preparations, but sometimes they do not give the required result, this can lead to the emergence of side effects, which makes things worse, so in this article we will mention some of the prescriptions and natural materials that help to treat the effects of acne in a healthy and safe.Natural methods to treat the effects of acneSandalwoodSandalwood is one of the natural materials that are used in the preparation of many cosmetic recipes for the skin; It contains many effective therapeutic properties and to prepare the recipe, mix a tablespoon of sandalwood sol, with a tablespoon of rose water, then grease the mixture on the face in the morning, leave it for fifteen minutes, and then wash it with cold water .snowSnow helps relieve infections and is used as a natural sedative, as it has the ability to treat the effects of mild acne, and is used to tigh

2 natural ways to treat acne effects

ten the face and close the pores, which limits the appearance of oils and sebaceous secretions, so we rub the rubbing area on which the effects of grains appear with a small cube of ice, and then we dry the face with a clean cotton towel.Tomato slicesTomatoes contain a good percentage of vitamin A, carotenoids and effective antioxidants that help to heal damaged tissues, and to benefit from them, we put a few slices of tomatoes on the place of stains and antiques, then leave them on the face for twenty minutes, then wash the face with warm water.the egg whiteThis is one of the most effective foods in the treatment of scars for young people, because it contains a good percentage of vitamins that help to brighten the skin and increase its freshness, and help to rebuild the skin tissue, so a piece of cotton is overflowing with egg whites, then we pass it over the scars and wash the face with cold water.apple cider vinegarApple cider vinegar contains effective anti-antibiotics, which is one of the substances that penetrate most of the therapeutic recipes of the skin and skin, so bury a piece of cotton with apple cider vinegar, then rub the scars and effects and leave gently and leaves

The vinegar on the face for a few minutes and wash it with warm water.LemonadeLemon removes dead skin cells, treats acne, as it turns out to have a huge ability to remove and treat the effects of these pills, so we put lemon juice on the face, focus on the scars and spots, then leave it on the face until it dries and wash it after also with cold water.Was the article useful?

What is the treatment of the effects of pills on the face

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