What is the use of face wash

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What is the use of face wash – ” Contents1 face wash2 benefits of face washing3 types of face wash4 referencesFace washingThe skin is exposed to many pollutants and environmental factors that cause many problems. Air fluctuations and pollution play a fundamental role in its pallor, exposing them to dryness and pall correction for it, through the use of materials, appropriate preparations for their type, finally moisturizing and feeding necessary to keep them healthy, pure, without health problems. [1]Facial wash is a liquid emulsion, which contains sterile materials, and antiseptic that is suitable for all skin types, as it gives moisture and nutrition for dry skin, and helps reduce secretions of oily skin, extinguish its shine, as it gives recovery and cleaning for ordinary skin, then it is an integrated product that it contains chemical and natural properties that sterilize and purify the skin, each according to its needs. [2]Benefits of face washAmong the benefits of face washing: [3]It deeply cleanses the skin and relieves it of daily secretions, which results in a natural way.It is equivalent to alkaline and gives it moisture, away from the fears of side effects that regular soap leaves.It prevents pimples,

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acne, especially for people with oily skin; because it penetrates the pores and stops the annoying greasy secretions causing their appearance.It protects the dry skin from clashes, hyperactivity, thanks to its moisture and safe nutrition.It leaves the skin fresh, pure and it looks better, especially with the permanent use.Gently cleanses makeup and removes its penetrating effects inside the open pores.It shrinks and closes large pores, thanks to the presence of astringent materials in its ingredients that block the pores of the skin, and offer them protection against germs and pathogenic microbes.It nourishes the skin and helps it compensate for the loss of natural proteins, especially keratin.This gives the skin a healthy appearance, without pallor, tired and withered effects.It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and small lines that appear early on the skin, due to the deep moisturizing characteristic that it has.Types of face washTypes of face wash: [4]Creamy lotion: it has a soft creamy texture, which is easy to penetrate into the pores of the skin, preferably to use it for natural, dry and pale skin.Gel Wash: This wash has a gel-like consistency, which is easy to distribute t

3 types of face wash

o the skin, has a sterilization property and creamy type disinfection, so it is preferable to use it by greasy skin and mixed with serious fatty secretions.Oil Wash: This wash has a greasy texture that is suitable for dry skin, which suffers from severe dryness, giving their skin nutrition and moisture throughout the day.the reviewerWas the article useful?

What is the use of face wash

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