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What is the way to whiten the skin – ” Contents1 Skin whitening2 How to whiten the skin3 Skin care tips4 referencesSkin whiteningSome people want to lighten the color of the skin for several reasons, the most important of which is perhaps the hiding of sun damage, in addition to preserving the beauty and freshness of the face, and despite this, it is not possible to change the color of the skin, but it can be examined a few degrees by natural or chemical means, but it is important to think carefully and consult with a doctor before making the appropriate decision to whiten the skin, and you can try home remedies as they are safe on the skin , or use bleaching products to achieve the desired results. [1]How to whiten the skinMedical means to whiten the skinWhile the most important medical methods for skin whitening come: [2]The use of creams to lighten the skin, and these creams are available without medical prescriptions, and these creams are limited to the production of melanin responsible for the color of the skin, and it is recommended to use products that contain effective ingredients on the skin such as COGK acid, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids or vitamin C, these products are safe to use, but you should be s

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ure to follow the instructions on the package and stop immediately if there is a bad reaction to the skin.The use of creams containing retinoids, which are vitamin A, which are substances that effectively open the skin by exfoliating the skin and regenerating its cells, and these creams not only open the skin but also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, is annoying that makes it more radiant, because it removes acne.Chemical peeling; It can be very effective to lighten the skin, and this technique depends on burning the dark upper layers of the skin, to detect more white layers under it, and an acidic substance such as alpha hydroxy acid is used during chemical exfoliation, so that it Remains on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes, and that is done. To feel stinging or tingling, the skin may remain red for several days.Microscopy is an alternative option for people with skin sensitive to creams, in which the dull skin layer and dead skin cells are removed, so that the skin becomes white and radiant.Natural mixtures to whiten the skinTurmeric, lemon juice and cucumber:Turmeric is used to improve and lighten the condition of the skin. This mask can be prepared by this method:[1]ingredients:Half

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a teaspoon of turmeric.Two teaspoons of lemon juice.Two tablespoons of cucumber juice.Method:All the ingredients are mixed well, then the mask is distributed on the skin.Leave the mask on for 15 minutes.Wash the face with water.Repeat the method several times a week.MILK:Milk is a home remedy used to get rid of dark spots and lighten the skin, as it contains lactic acid, and to get the best result, you should use concentrated milk which contains the highest amount of lactic acid. [3]Almond paste:Almond paste is blanched, and it can be prepared by the following method:[3]ingredients:Almond seeds.1 tablespoon of milk.1 tablespoon of flour.Water.Drops of lemon juice.Method:Soak the almond seeds in water.Peel almonds and grind.Add 1 tablespoon of milk and 1 tablespoon of flour.Add a few drops of lemon juice.The paste is placed on dark areas in the skin.Leave the paste for 15 minutes, then wash the area with glorious.Potatoes:Potatoes are rich in Katik Culiz enzyme which removes the required skin and can be used to bleach the skin according to this method: [4]Ingredients: One medium potato.Method:Potatoes are washed, peeled and sliced.The face is washed with the user’s wash and dried.G

ently massage the face with potato slices.Leave the potato juice for 15 minutes.Wash the face with cold water.The method is repeated once or twice a week.Saffron:Saffron has long been used to brighten the skin, as it hides skin imperfections and maintains its color, and it can be used by adding it to food, or by preparing the following mask: [4]ingredients:2-3 veins of saffron.1 tablespoon of milk.A piece of cotton.Method:Saffron veins are soaked in milk for 3 hours.Wash the face with lotion and let it dry.Distribute milk and saffron on the face and neck with a piece of cotton.Leave the saffron and milk mixture on for 20 to 30 minutes.Wash the face with cold water.The method is repeated daily until the required results are achieved.Turcuma and tomatoes:Tomatoes are ingredients considered as a peeled and natural skin whitening, which allows them to restore their color when regular, and can be used by preparing the following mask: [4]ingredients:Tomato fruit.Two tablespoons of turmeric.Method:Mix the ingredients to make a soft paste.Wash the face and let it dry.The mask is placed on the face and neck with the tips of the fingers.Leave the mask on for 10 minutes.Wash the face with col

d water.The method is repeated twice a week.Skin care tipsThese are the most important things to follow for skin care:[2]Use a cream to prevent sunlight daily, to protect them from sunlight damage that causes freckles, brown spots and also protect them from burns and skin cancer. When exposed to the sun, the production of melanin that makes the skin darker.Cleaning and moisturizing the skin daily, and the face should be washed twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, to remove dirt and oils in the skin, with a moisturizer appropriate for the skin type.Exfoliation of the skin once or twice a week, with the aim of removing dead skin cells that cause skin tanning, detecting new cells with a lighter color, and a special product can be used to exfoliate the skin, and if there is acne, products containing salicylic acid are used.Explain many amounts of water per day, along with a healthy diet, until the skin cells are renovated, and at least 6 to 8 cups of water should be consumed daily healthy skin.Eat nutritional supplements that contain ingredients such as grape seed extract, flaxseed oil and fish oil, to also get omega -3 for healthy skin, hair and nails.Refrain from smoki

ng, as it causes a lot of damage not only to health but also on the skin, as it causes wrinkles and fine lines, as it prevents blood flow to the face, making the skin pale and dull.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

What is the way to whiten the skin

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