What oils whiten the face

1 lemon oil

What oils whiten the face – ” Contents1 lemon oil2 sandalwood oil and sesame oil3 lavender oil4 coconut oil5 referencesLemon oilLemon oil contains anti-oxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic materials, in addition to astringent materials for the skin, and therefore it contributes to the effective whitening of the skin and regeneration of its youth, and it should be noted that lemon oil is Suitable for all skin types, but attention should be paid to avoid exposure to the sun when it is used; To avoid skin irritation, it can be used in the following way:[1]ingredients:3-4 drops of lemon oil.1 tablespoon of water or jojoba oil.How to prepare and use:Mix lemon oil with water or jojoba oil.Mix the skin for a few minutes, then wash it with waterThe recipe is repeated daily for a week.Sandalwood and sesame oilThe recipe for sandalwood and sesame oil helps to whiten dark skin and its indignation, and it is prepared by following the steps below: [2]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of sandalwood oil.Three tablespoons of sesame oil.Half a teaspoon of tomato oil.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well.A quarter of the oil amounts on dark areas of the skin are massaged with fingers.Leave the mixture on the skin for 30-3

2 sandalwood oil and sesame oil

5 minutes, then wash it off with mild soap.The moisturizer is placed.The recipe is repeated once a day as long as it does not cause skin irritation.Store the remaining oils in a cool, dark place or refrigerator for 30 days.Lavender oilLavender oil can help lighten and whiten the skin, as it helps reduce infections, reduces blemishes, skin pigmentation and red skin, and can be used by soaking a piece of cotton in lavender oil, then applying it directly to the skin. [ 3]Coconut oilAccording to one of the studies, coconut oil effectively helps to whiten the skin and lighten it, and is used by following the following method:[4]How to use:Cleanse the skin, then dry with a soft towel.Soak a piece of cotton in coconut oil, then distribute to the skin.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 lavender oil

4 coconut oil

What oils whiten the face

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