Where do I find the original shea butter

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Where do I find the original shea butter – ” Contents1 Shea butter2 Shea butter extract3 The benefits of shea butter4 Places where the original shea butter is found5 referencesShea butterShea butter is a natural beauty grant, which is the wonderful beauty recipe for the beautiful female, and chia is the fruit of the African shea tree, its shape resembles the shape of the nut, there is a fat material similar to the fruit . On the shea butter by breaking the shea fruit and boiling it, then mix it. [1]Chia butter extractBlindly illegal butter extraction is an arduous and tiring process and has steps: [2]Shea butter, with a slightly smoky smell and silky hair on the skin, are extracted from the seeds of the original tree (Vetilaria paradoxsa) in West Africa, it is a gift from heaven to the people of this region who have used it for cosmetic, food and medical purposes for thousands of years, a grave that they used to protect their skin and hair against the effects of the desert areas of drought. There is evidence that it played an important role in the Egyptian beauty system in the Egyptian Cleopatra in the first century BC.Shea butter is handmade with a very difficult process that includes collecting, cleaning, isolating and dr

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ying the dried nuts into a paste, then the fat-rich paste with water is mixed with water and stirred with the hand to separate the butter that rises into the curd form. This top layer is collected, then purified by melting it in butter oil, then filtering and cooling, the resulting butter is white in color and may contain brown spots unless the filtration process is accurate.It is preferable to choose the natural product over the refined products, although it does not look very attractive and may contain small seeds, but this is as normal as possible, if you do not like the distinctive smell, the spray and boring Butter can serve cosmetic purposes.The benefits of shea butterShea butter has great benefits, especially for the beauty of women, including: [3]Shea butter moisturizes the skin, gives it softness and prevents wrinkles.It gives coarse skin places such as elbow and knee areas the necessary softness and moisture.It is included in the composition of many refreshments, ointments and cosmetics that are used for skin and hair conditioner and making moisturizers for the lips, as it contains well and naturally on many important vitamins for beauty, especially the beauty and health

3 The benefits of shea butter

of the skin, such as vitamin A, vitamin E and a number of important and necessary fatty acids, necessary for the beauty and health of the hair and nails and skin.It is used as a skin peel to get rid of dead skin cells, as it massages the skin of the body when it is peeled off to make the skin at the top of the softness.Shea butter is useful for treating the effects of acne, lightening dark areas, getting rid of melasma and treating sunburn and scars.Shea butter treats broken hair, moisturizes, protecting it from drying, softening and making it easier to lay off.Shea butter treats the abdominal skin of fine white lines that appear due to pregnancy and stretching of the abdominal skin, and prevents the appearance of cracks and treats eczema and delays the appearance of signs of aging on the skin.It is used as a natural remover of cosmetics and makeup for the skin with accompaniment.It contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory elements, as it contains several derivatives of cinnamic acid, and contains cinnamic acid jackets, which fight the growth of cancerous tumors, and protects cells from the formation of free radicals, and prevents the effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin.It is

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used as an effective treatment to get rid of dark circles under the eye.The location of the original shea butterShea tree grows especially in tropical areas and cultivated, shea or curry lives in the western and central areas of the team and this is its original habitat, and shea butter from the fruits of the chia tree, Known as karteh butter, and the shea tree can not be cultivated, it grows only in natural forests, and one of the most famous areas of its growth is the “”savannah region”” in Sudan, Niger and the Upper Nile areas, and The Shea Tree does not bear fruit, except after fifty years, and the Shea Tree lives for about three hundred years, and it is called shea butter in Africa “”Golden women”” for its great aesthetic benefits. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Where do I find the original shea butter

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