Why does acne show girls

1 Reasons for the appearance of acne in girls

Why does acne show girls – ” Contents1 reasons for the appearance of acne in girls2 Treating acne medically for girls3 tips for treating acne in girls4 referencesThe reasons for the appearance of acne in girlsWhile the most important reasons for the appearance of acne in girls, including: [1]Skin infections.Blockage in the hair follicles.Increase the percentage of bacteria causing young love.Increase oil production in the skin by stimulating hormones or oil glands.Stimulate the work of the sebaceous glands, which leads to the production of additional amounts of skin oil, through androgens, although their percentage is high in men, but they are also found in women, and it should be noted that androgens multiply significantly during the teenage period. [2]Treating acne medically for girlsWe mention the most important medical treatments, to get rid of acne in girls, as follows: [1]Hormonal treatments: among them are the contraceptive methods adopted by the American Food and Drug Administration, which are effective in treating acne in women, and can be used alone or combined with types of anti-androgenic drugs.Topical retinoids: acne are treated for all ages, which are derived from vitamin A, and are treated wit

2 Treating acne medically for girls

h mild to moderate acne, and can also be used to prevent acne in the long term.Tips for treating acne in girlsWhile some important tips come to treat acne in women, namely:[3]Consult the leather doctor on the appropriate preparations for the skin type.The need to follow the daily skin care routine, while taking acne medication.Using foam face wash and headlines if the skin is oily; To avoid oils and acne in the skin.Using chemical and moisturizing preparations for the skin; This is to prevent the skin from dehydration while taking anti-acne medications.Using skin care products such as toner and non-FOAM face wash, for people with dry skin exposed to acne, as oily skin is only exposed to acne.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 tips for treating acne in girls

Why does acne show girls

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