Why love appears in the face

1 bacteria

Why love appears in the face – ” Contents1 Bacteria2 Eat specific types of food3 Androgenic hormone activity4 Other reasons for the appearance of acne5 referencesBacteriaOne of the reasons that causes the appearance of acne is a blockage in the pores of the hair when oil accumulates under the skin, because human skin has a pores connected to the oils located under the skin and connected to the hair follicles that contain small vesicles that produce the skin oils, Called sebum that carries the death of skin cells from the inside of the skin to the outside of that contributes to the accumulation of dead skin cells and oil, then the skin becomes bacterial and acne appears. [1]Eating specific types of foodOne study indicated that there are foods that stimulate the appearance of acne, such as: skim milk, foods full of carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes, in addition to chocolate, where another study conducted on 14 men suffering from acne and eats chocolate , as it showed its association with worsening acne symptoms. [2]Excessive androgenic hormone activityAndrogenic hormone activity leads to the appearance or increase in acne, especially in adulthood, as the sebaceous glands become amplified, increase oil producti

2 Eat specific types of foods

on and hormonal changes during pregnancy, and the use of various contraceptive techniques leads to an increase in oil secretion also, which aggravates the problem of acne. [2]Other reasons for the appearance of acneThe main reason for the appearance of acne is the activity of male hormones, which often increase in adolescence, and although the infection of youth pills is the basis of natural phosphological changes in the human body, there are several factors that cause an increase in the Exacerbation of the problem of acne, including:[3]Tampering with pills by pressing or picking them up.Hormonal imbalances in women as the menstrual period approaches.Wearing useful clothes that cause acne, such as: rare head, sports helmets and hats.the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Activity of the androgen hormone

4 other reasons for the appearance of acne

Why love appears in the face

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