Work soap to lighten the skin

1 Skin lightening

Work soap to lighten the skin – ” Contents1 skin lightening2 Working soap to lighten the skin3 tips for keeping skin white4 referencesSkin whiteningThe skin is exposed to harmful sunlight and chemical pollution, so it is difficult to maintain the consistency of skin color accordingly, and these factors also affect the health of the skin. The skin can be brightened in several ways, including the use of soap, which can be prepared at home with natural ingredients rich in vitamins and useful substances. [1]Working soap to brighten the skinKirkam soapTurmeric has many benefits of the skin, as it is considered a useful treatment for acne and premature aging, as it helps to whiten the skin and make it brighter, so the turmeric soap is considered the best for whitening the skin. And the way it works is:[2]ingredients:Soap panel.A teaspoon of turmeric.A little lemon oil.A little oil of lavender.A little oil of thyme.A tablespoon of scrub depending (optional).How to prepare:Cut up the soap base and place it in the microwave to dissolve.Put the mixture in a safe glass bowl, then heat it in the microwave for 15-30 seconds.Add the turmeric to the mixture until it is golden brown.Add the essential oils to the mixture, then mo

2 Work soap to lighten the skin

ve with a plastic spoon.Pour the mixture into a plastic or silicon mold and make sure the soap is below 63 ° C.Press the mold to remove air bubbles, then let the soap cool for 12-24 hours.Cover the top of the soap with a plastic lid before setting aside to cool, until smooth.Cut the soap into small pieces with the knife, ready to use.Notes: You should avoid using aromatic oils in candles; because it is not safe on the skin.Make sure that the type of essential oils when used as an alternative to aromatic soap.Do not put soap in the refrigerator; So that its smell does not attach to the food inside.LeafletPoirie soap can be found in drugstores, but it is not difficult to follow the following method prepared from everyday ingredients present at home to get a skin without white skin. And its method:[3]ingredients:One plate of pear soap.Two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.One teaspoon of aloe vera gel.One and a half to one-half teaspoons of fine rice flour.One teaspoon of almond oil.One teaspoon of to prepare:Sprinkle the soap in a metal pan and put it on the fire; To dissolve it to become liquid.Add all the ingredients to the soap.Place all ingredients in a square plastic bo

3 tips to keep white skin

wl.Put the bowl in the refrigerator to cool.Moisten the soap with water, rub it into the skin, leave it for several minutes, then wash it off with cold water.Wash the skin with cold water after a few minutes.Note: Place some petroleum jelly inside the plastic bowl before placing the mixture with it; Because this will help you in the process of getting the soap out.Aloe Vera SoapAloe vera relieves hyperpoxious complexion and dark spots, because it contains cooling properties that have a significant effect on the regeneration of skin cells, rebuild damaged tissue and restore the original complexion, and also improves the complexion, which is important for healthy skin. And his method is:[4]ingredients:Aloe vera plant to prepare:Open the aloe vera leaf and press it to extract the gel.Put the gel on the skin for 30 minutes, then wash it off with water.Repeat this process twice a day for two weeks.Oatmeal soapOatmeal improves skin color by removing old dead skin cells and growth of new skin cells; It exfoliates the oatmeal and makes it soft and smooth. And its method is:[4]ingredients:A quantity of oatmeal.A little tomato to prepare:Mix the ingredients, then put the m

ixture on the skin for 20 minutes.Wash the skin with cold water and rub it while washing; To remove dead skin cells.Repeat this process daily.Otherwise:ingredients:One teaspoon of oat powder.A pinch of blow.Several drops of lemon juice.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to make a thick paste.Put the paste on the skin, let it dry, then wash it off with water.Repeat this process once a day.Mix a teaspoon of oat powder and a workshop and several drops of lemon juice to getTips to keep the skin whiteIn what comes some tips to preserve white skin: [5]Drink enough water, water accounts for 70% of the entire body to maintain the functions of the body’s organs, because every organ in the body needs water to perform its functions without exception, such as: the skin needs water to produce cells, because the skin Will not play the correct form without a sufficient amount of water, it is recommended to drink a liter a day to get the skin without white skin and signs of aging.Get enough sleep, sleep contributes to skin whitening, because it is believed that healthy sleep with morning exercise makes the skin sweat, which leads to the opening of the pores, so whoever wants to have a fre

sh and healthy skin, not sleep late at night or avoid it , As a good sleep is an important basis for having a beautiful skin.Clean and moisturize the skin, to remove the layer of makeup, dirt and oils to whiten the skin, as it washed the face with a suitable lotion, then moisturizes the skin daily to get a pure white skin, and free of blemishes, and essential or creamy oils can be used to remove dirt from the skin, then wash it.Sunscreen protects from the harmful effects of sunlight, as a sunscreen is used with a 30th protection factor to avoid skin burns, dark and dull spots caused by sunlight.Exfoliation of the skin, the dead skin cells become darker, as follows, you need to remove the dead skin cells to whiten the skin, and there are a variety of face and body expoliate to exfoliate the skin or use the natural ingredients present at home.Eat fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits and vegetables is necessary for the process of skin whitening and are essential in a balanced diet; Because it contains abundant vitamins and minerals for skin care, which makes the skin more attractive.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Work soap to lighten the skin

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